Audit Representation

Audit Representation

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    Using Tax Network USA to help with an audit can significantly increase your chances of getting a better outcome. Our licensed Enrolled Agents and contracted Tax Lawyers will analyze your situation to determine the best approach and outcome. Typically, the IRS prefers working with tax practitioners because we understand the code and it helps the process move forward more efficiently, which can result in a more favorable decision.

    Audit Representation

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How far back can the IRS audit my return?

    Additional tax may be assessed by the IRS three years after the due date of the return or the date it was filed, whichever is later.

    How are taxpayers chosen for audit?

    IRS audits do not happen at random, despite the perception that it might happen at any time. A trigger usually signals to the IRS that a second look is necessary.

    An audit tends to be triggered by underreported income (when forms 1099 or W-2 don’t match what you’re reporting); tax deductions that appear to be too high considering your income; or inconsistencies from year to year (claiming a home interest mortgage deduction one year and not the next, for example).

    If I am selected for an audit, how will I find out?

    An IRS notice will be sent if they think there was a minor error on your part.

    In the notice, also known as a correspondence or paper audit, you’ll receive instructions to provide supplementary paperwork to support your claims; requests could include receipts for charitable donations or mileage logs for business travel.

    What are my appeal rights?

    Ultimately, you do not have to accept the audit report. Within 30 days of receiving the report, you can appeal it by writing to the IRS.

    What makes you a target of an IRS audit?

    A simple mistake like entering a wrong social security number or misspelling your own name can trigger an audit. Errors in math are another trigger. Some of these issues can be eliminated by filing electronically.

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