Biden’s $80 Billion Plan to Boost IRS Collections & Audits

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Biden’s $80 Billion Plan to Boost IRS Collections & Audits

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Evan Hardacre Evan Hardacre | March 9th, 2022
Plan to raise $700 Billion over the next 10 years will have a direct impact on people who have balances held with the IRS.

The Biden administration dumped trillions of taxpayer dollars in ‘economic relief’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, they are scrambling to strengthen the IRS and offset their pandemic spending spree by increasing the IRS’ budget. This plan is an attempt to collect roughly $700 Billion in back taxes over the next 10-years.

This budget increase will give the IRS the funds to support investigations, monitor cryptocurrency spending and compliance, implement advanced technology, and implement additional bank reporting for all divisions of the IRS.

The major question is: will the implementation of these advanced technologies and revised bank reporting policies give the most powerful collection agency too much power?

With close to 12 million American citizens currently owing back taxes to the IRS, experts are concerned that Biden’s plan to increase taxes for “billionaires and corporate tax cheats” will without a doubt target the working class and small business owners.

It is believed that the Biden administration has crossed the line and violated taxpayers’ privacy to ramp up IRS collections.

According to a recent national taxpayer advocate report, the IRS only answers 24% of its calls. Furthermore, once linked to the IRS, taxpayers are unsure where to start or what program to request.

Fortunately, the IRS’ current programs are the very same programs approved by the Trump administration.

These powerful resolution programs are designed to settle and eliminate IRS balances, business or personal, at the most affordable rates.

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Taxpayers who give up their rights and turn to the IRS without the assistance of a tax professional will undoubtedly be deprived of these fresh start programs. Those who owe back taxes or haven’t filed tax returns in years are urged to check to exercise their rights and swiftly reduce their tax liabilities.

President & CEO of Tax Network USA Michael-Tod Trzaska stated:

“It is always better to have a qualified tax expert or a team of specialists to negotiate your tax problems”. He went on to say, "Your rights and privacy are important. If you don’t know the code, they will take advantage of you. They are not your friends”.

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