5 Immediate Steps to Take if You Receive an IRS Notice

by David Sterling

If you happen to receive a letter this year from the IRS, you don’t have to be alarmed, ashamed, or nervous. This is because, after every tax season, the agency sends out a large variety of notices to taxpayers. Not every letter that is sent is an impending audit coming your way.

In fact, many of the notices are routine and simple to resolve. Here is what you can do if one shows up in your mailbox this tax season.

Be Aware of Phishing Scams

If a tax letter/notice that you receive in the mail looks suspicious, contact Tax Network USA immediately, whether you’re an individual or small business. We can determine if it is legitimate and report it if it isn’t.

The IRS won’t ever contact a taxpayer via text message, email, or social media.

Don’t Ignore It

While receiving an IRS notice can sometimes be overwhelming, you should never ignore it, as this can lead to further issues. Some tax notices will include a date that you must reply by. If you fail to reply by this date, this can lead to additional penalties.

Keep Copies

It is important that you keep copies of all the tax notices and letters that you receive in case you need to refer back to them later. We recommend keeping all of your letters/notices for at least seven years.

Read It Carefully

There are many reasons as to why you may receive a tax notice or letter in the mail. It could be the IRS simply requesting your updated contact information, or a notice that you are being audited. It is important that you review the letter in order to know what action to take.

Call Your Trusted Tax Professional

Tax notices can be confusing. This is because they are packed with tax jargon that isn’t always easily understood. Here at Tax Network USA, our specialists can work with you to resolve these letters with a focus on making sure that you are only paying what you really need to. We also offer services such as bookkeeping, entity formation, tax planning, and tax preparation.

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